the robson valley music festival
AUGUST 11-13, 2017


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2017 Lineup

in no particular order

We are very pleased to present the lineup for the thirteenth annual Robson Valley Music Festival. This lineup is subject to change without notice.



Moulettes from UK, met and started playing music together when they were 15 -17. After a couple of EP’s and singles, they released a highly acclaimed debut self titled album, which found its way on to several Best of the Year lists. They also received numerous awards and nominations. Their charismatic , idiosyncratic yet poppy brand of progressive, psychedelic neo classical folk rock has enthralled crowds at many festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival, Winnipeg and Calgary Folk Festival’s to name a few. “Orchestral Folk at its best”. “Sophisticated, unpredictable” The Guardian.



A furiously fun musical hybrid dance-a-thon that beams positivity through intimate Westcoast stories powerfully rooted in funky, Graceland beats and ripping, old time guitar licks.

“It isn’t conventional yet immediately approachable, being a mix of South African (via Paul Simon’s Graceland), reggae, latin with a hint of gospel. The album suggests a jamming band such as Dave Matthews or Phish with its attention to feels, busy grooves and dynamics.”


Alysha Brilla


Twice Juno Award nominated singer-songwriter, producer and community organizer Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Indian-Tanzanian Canadian artist who just released her third self produced album, “HUMAN”. Brilla's new music draws on the influences of her unique background. An ancestral journey to her father’s homeland in 2015 delivered inspiration for Brilla to write and produce the 10 new songs on “Human”; a lyrically timely record blending Indian & East African sounds with a contemporary aesthetic. The first single from this newest release, “No More Violence”, is currently charting in the top 3 of the CBC Top 20 Countdown.

Pharis and Jason Romero


Singing vibrant duets, writing deadly songs, playing handmade banjos and loving old acoustic guitars, Pharis & Jason Romero have a classic story. When a matchmaker, some scratchy old records, and a custom banjo led to their meeting in 2007, they quickly knew they were in for the long haul. They've since released five records - three as a duo - and toured across North America and the UK. They are multiple award winners, including the recent 2016 Juno for Best Traditional Roots Album. They've been featured on NPR Music, CBC, BBC, Folk Alley, and many more, and have performed on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC's The Vinyl Cafe. They are passionate teachers and believers in many things folk, and their heartbreakingly harmonic live show is an ever-evolving and never-ending quest for good songs and beautiful sounds.

Andrew Judah


A fearless and meticulous songwriter and composer, Andrew Judah’s diverse sound is strung together by a love of evolving cinematic orchestrations and bittersweet melodies. Andrew has released several full-length albums and composed original music for Disney/ABC, Lincoln, Adidas, Google and Toyota. H received 1st place award for emerging artist with Music BC in 2015.

Fin de Fiesta Flamenco


The name Fin de Fiesta translates to “End Of The Party” in reference to the open jam sessions that occurs a the end of a traditional flamenco show in Spain. It is during the fin de fiesta that the true improvisational and spirited nature of the flamenco itself, and that is a lively spirit—passionate and unrestrained- that inspires their work.. The group is a professional touring ensemble of award winning international flamenco artists based in Seville, Spain.

Gabriel Palatchi


Gabriel’s music its an original blend of different genres such as Latin Jazz, Tango, Funk, Klezmer, Gypsy, Reggae, Samba and Electronic, a representation of the many cultures which have influenced his music. Gabriel Palatchi’s latest release “Trivolution” was selected as the Gold Medal Winner on the Composer/Album categories and on the TOP TEN 2015 of the “Global Music Awards”. It was featured in the “Emerging Artists” section of the April 30th 2016 issue of BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. “One of the new young lions of jazz” EJAZZ news

Sweet Alibi


Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, WCMA award winners Sweet Alibi, have captivated audiences since 2009 with their charming and personal performances. With 3 releases, over 360 shows across Canada, 33 plus festival performances, numerous radio performances and interviews, Sweet Alibi is fast becoming a well-known pop roots group.

Tom Power of CBC Radio 2 describes Sweet Alibi as this, “If Mumford and Sons and the Supremes had a love child it would be named Sweet Alibi.” A fitting characterization for a group that blends soulful and powerful vocal harmonies with the sincerity of folk and the foot stomping energy of roots.

Sweet Alibi


Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been hailed as “a shining light in Canadian roots music” by Doug Cox (artistic director, Vancouver Island Music Festival). Known as much for his studio expertise as his live show, Corwin has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukelele. He has played venues and festivals large and small, some by himself, some with his band Morlove, and some with such luminaries as Fred Penner, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Alex Cuba, Kim Barlow and Raghu Lokanathan. Corwin also has a new duo with Raghu called The Chimney Swallows.

Mob Bounce


Mob Bounce is a hip hop duo that formed in the later half of 2010 with the release of their “Mixed Blood Mixtape”. Travis Adrian Hebert and Craig Frank Edes, had been writing and recording music since 2004. Craig is Gitxsan and Travis is Cree/Metis. The two Aboriginal artists have blended their musicianship with elements of EDM and Hip Hop production. They incorporate aspecs of cultural identity with an artistic identity by experimenting with free toning (chanting) and a cultural soundscape influenced by sounds of nature.

Rachelle van Zanten


Known for her powerful performances and equally powerful social activism, Rachelle van Zanten blends socially conscious lyrics with soulful Canadiana grooves in a way that neatly captures the essence of her Northern BC origins. “Rachelle van Zanten is our voice, the muse of the North. Se write songs to inspire the wind, give voice to the thunder, and fire the hearts of all those fighting to protect the land she loves so dearly” Wade Davis, National Geographic.She is now busy promoting her acclaimed children's album "Little Spruce".

Saltwater Hank & Amy Blanding


Saltwater Hank’s songs will take you on a journey through the mountains of the Bulkley Valley to the Skeena River watershed, from the salty west coast shoreline all the way eastbound to the Kooteney’s. His stories are inspired by the people, the land, and the water of the region he calls home.

Amy Blanding sings music with an unbridled, often unnerving authenticity and passion. Her songs are stories, and her energy will catch you up and help you fly.

Hank and Amy are a new duo on the scene, but are old hat when it comes to sharing the stage. Making up two-fifths of the band Black Spruce Bog, these two friends are thrilled to be playing and “homogenizing” together again.

Stephen Lewis and The Big Band


Stephen Lewis and The Big Band of One is a high energy,funky, loop based, one man party! He is an international touring performer from the east coast of Canada who has performed with artists such as The Floozies, Zach Deputy, That1Guy, and Dubfx. He is a seasoned festival performer and has played dozens of festivals with in Canada and The United States. If you love to dance then you will absolutely fall in love with Stephen Lewis and The Big Band of One.



Embracing the future without losing sight of the past, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country to create their signature feel good Australian earth sound, an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music.

Some Bunny Loves You


Share a(bunny)dant love with a child in your life!

Take them on a magical journey to Carpenter Glen - a land where the bunnies are very silly and eager to share a secret with you - that you are loved.

Jam-packed with whimsical illustrations, touching music and wonderful bunny characters, every book is signed with a personal and special note to the child who will hold it. Our books show that we are all 1000% loveable - that our quirks make us uniquely beautiful.



Jennis delivers more sound, variety and fun than one would think could fit into a single touring vehicle. The duo brings together award-winning Guelph based Dennis Gaumond's decades of experience writing and performing original blues and folk with the diverse musical experiences of veteran Toronto indie scene multi instrumentalist Jen Gillmor. Currently they are working on their second album.

Madeline Tasquin


Singing in both English and French, Canadian-Californian songcrafter Madeline Tasquin weaves nimbly from jazz folk to odd-meter soul, and from sassy pyschpop ballad to delicately dark fairy-tale, delivering it all with a stage presence that radiates. With influences ranging from Primus and Mr.Bungle to Rachmaninoff and Chopin, it's no surprise that her songs takes unexpected harmonic and rhythmic twists and turns, though she manages to pull this off without leaving anyone in the room behind.



Rakkatak merges rhythms and melodies influenced by classical Indian music with western instrumentation and a pop music aesthetic. Rakkatak started as Anitq Katakkar’s solo project, out of her need to highlight and share the subtle beauty of tables, in a non traditional way. Having lived in multicultural Toronto all her life, Anita’s diverse taste in music ranging from Folk to reggae to rock to ambient electronica, is reflected in her self titiled CD. From there the band was formed, and its evolution continued with the release of their second album “Open”. They have just finished producing their 3rd album “Small Pieces” released this year.

PK Tessmann


PK Tessmann is a fixture in the Vancouver Island indie-folk community. With over 20 years of songwriting and performance behind her, Tessmann is celebrating the release of her new album Dear City (Fall 2016). Two-time winner of Best Roots/Folk Recording at the Vancouver Island Music Awards, PK's work has been described as “beguiling,” “potent, ” and “unpretentious”. Her latest work is no exception.

The Honey Tongues


Something mysterious happens when two similar objects moving in opposite directions collide. They morph, twist and tangle until they become something neither could have become on its own. So it went with bands, Red Haven and Dirty Grace, who collided and began performing as one super band, consisting of 8 unique voices. songwriters, forming a veritable choir. The Honey Tongues were born, as was a distinct new genre, “Swamp Opera”, combining Americana Roots grit and indie swing with soulful harmonies and beat boxing.

Samson's Delilah


Fearless, Soul-full rock opera. With a fierce intensity weaving throughout their soundscapes, utterly captivating, Samson’s Delilah will leave their mark on every listener. Heavily influenced by latin guitar, reggae, and other world music, driven with thought provoking songwriting, the thread of the "guroove" runs deep, and you will not be disappointed by the fusion and spell that they weave....

The Party On High Street


The Party On High Street has worked tirelessly to bring it's signature feel-good funk jams to the people! They are a lively dance-inducing mix of funk, folk and jazz fuelled rock n' roll, joyfully delivered and presented like a fun bomb waiting to make you jive. The band sings of peculiar youthful enchantments, weird love, and some of the odder aspects of life.



Entangados (una banda de payaS.O.S.) is a band of musicians and actors who perform as clowns. Since 2004 the band has mixed theatre with genres such as rock, cuarteto, música balkánica, reggae, cumbia, ska, folklore, and tango. Each show is a fiesta musical full of dancing, humour, happiness, and energy. We toured through Mexico at the beginning of 2015 and now we have just arrived in British Columbia, Canada for the summer! We have existed in Argentina for eleven years!

Magical Jesaja


Jesaja Class is a self taught young Magician & Illusionist from BC Canada. Specializing in stage, illusions and manipulation magic. My act will not only make you laugh, it will leave you speechless with something to remember for the rest of your life. So come on and join in for a truly remarkable and magical experience.


What is Sundown Spell you ask?

Sundown Spell was cast down from the sky like a bolt of white hot fire that will light up your dance floor like a pack of cheap cigarettes. This all original, energetic 5-piece are excited to bring their one-of-a-kind dance fueled rock n’ roll flavour to a dancefloor near you. So get on up so you can get on down cause’ these boys want to see you move.

Tim Bennett


Tim Bennett’s debut release "CRYSTAL WATER" has been a long time coming. Touring the globe with various Australian and Canadian Artists, Tim has proved an integral part of a rhythm sections "A TEAM" for the past 20 years. His solo music with its bass and vocal looping with harmonics and tapping is a journey unto itself, haunting, groove filled, and utterly captivating.



Daemon & Airdrie are an electronic “ghost pop” duo from BC, Canada who combine intensely emotional, interweaving vocal lines with relaxed, minimal beats and sparse instrumentation to produce soundscapes that are as haunted as they are seductive. Choosing to abandon laptop-based production, the duo create and perform their material using samplers, live instruments and an arsenal of vintage gear, analog tape effects, spring verbs and dusty old tubes. The result? A unique sound that bridges earth and wire – a place where electricity meets and dances with the naked, human body.

Dharma Bros


The Dharma Bros are a festival emceeing duo, currently based on a ranch an hour drive outside of Williams Lake, BC, who specialize in writing and performing jingles as introductions to music festival acts. Inspired by the magic that brews at festivals across BC, Doug and Max are on a mission to contribute everything they can to the eclectic community that has embraced them. Their mission is to bring a new kind of emceeing where in addition to the regular emcee duties (talking about the sponsors and the recycling), write and improvise jingles as a novel way to introduce the festival acts they love.

Some Examples

Circadian Rhythm


Circadian Rhythm is bound together by their passion for music and their love for fusing organic and electric sounds. Both Melody and Rae, with their distinctly different voices, seem to melt together into haunting and beautiful harmonies while Tony's pulsing, eclectic rhythms take them to a whole new unique level of sound.

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Tom Richardson


"What is more inspiring than the beauty of adventure and connection?! Music has been the vehicle that has allowed me to continually experience both of these things."

Tom Richardson is your newest oldest friend! With an infectious and genuine demeanour, Tom’s songwriting, story telling and intricate guitar playing are a delicate balance of grace, truth and passion. Appreciating the freedom of exploration and the privilege of forging relationships with listeners and cultures around the world, Tom has performed in 15 different countries across the globe, reflected in his musical arrangements that may be best categorised into experiences and emotions than genre. Renowned as a “maestro” for his “clever skills” (The AU Review) on the loop pedal, Tom is seen dancing over his pedals, creating soundscapes of four part vocal harmonies, multiple guitar sections and complicated percussion grooves, all live on stage.

Miss White Spider


Miss White Spider is a travelling one woman light and shadow theater experience designed from her studio based in British Columbia, Canada. She creates a collage of visuals, puppets, pertinent music, voice and global myths using an overhead projector, paper, film projector, time lapse paintings, various instruments, loop pedal, synthesizer and her own world beat/folk electronica, Creating a magical experience with music, visuals, dance and global myths. Her engaging performances are one of a kind, feeding imaginations, hearts and minds with ancient teachings with a modern day flare.

Hula Hoop Circus


Formerly Hip Flick Hoops, the Hula Hoop Circus, based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, has been providing family friendly entertainment and hoop dance instruction since 2010. Owner, Amanda Syryda, aka Amanda Panda, is a self-taught artist learning the majority of her craft online. She recently self-published a picture book inspired by one of her performance characters entitled “Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus”. Fun, funky and bright, Amanda has a variety of colourful characters to emerge as at each event including Mandi the Clown, Star Fox the intergalactic hooper, Rainbow Sprite the electric zebra, and her newly designed Rainbow Ringleader!

Visual Artists

Justina Smith


Justina was born in in Edmonton and has lived in various parts of southern and central Alberta. From childhood to college age she spend a lot of time drawing and dabbling in watercolor. While taking the Technical Theater program at Red Deer College (98-00) she got roped into helping paint sets and drawing on the large backdrops for various productions. After being shown how to create faux finishes on sets and props (wood, marble, patinas, etc.) she began to take a real interest in painting.

Justina has travelled all across Canada. Her work is inspired by the landscape, architecture, and moments in everyday life. She uses watercolors when traveling while her main media in the studio is acrylic and mixed media. Occasionally she teaches workshops, and she he also writes about her travels and creative process on the blog on her website.

Justina Smith


Raised on the banks of the creek, as a fifth generation farmer, and living in the South Peace Country, Karl Mattson is a self-taught, multi-media artist.

Karl’s life has been fueled by his compulsion to create and speak through art, which has always played a central role in his life. Karl has been recognized for his talent with various awards as early as 19 years old. Karl’s current explorations include metal sculpture and mixed media photograph. His work often relies on scavenging scraps and materials that surround his farm and community, an area currently being enveloped by oil and gas industry.

In using the creative process, Karl has been able to use his artistic talent to protest against the environmental issues that plague his farm, his community, and his personal psyche.


5 Sheets to the Wind
Nick Beddington
Nathan Smith
Crescent Spur
Blue Syntax
Roadside Splinter
Valley Kids Showcase

More to come

ADULTS ONLY! Programming

Bottoms Up Baring Burlesque

"Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often." - Mae West

Bottoms Up Barely Burlesque is a performance troupe consisting of dancers, singers and actors. They combine burlesque, cabaret, and vaudeville styles together to produce highly entertaining and polished shows. Well known for their "Unseemly Events" the troupe can often be found making musical collaborations and producing one of a kind performances.

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE


The Dirrty Show

Gliding your mind into the gutter one soaring harmony at a time, two sexually empowered women (Kayla Williams and Melody Stang) sing of ‘Double R-rated’ topics that are rarely brought to light and transform them into catchy morsels of melodic hilarity. Their slick riffs and quick wit spans across all genres, penning crowd favourites such as Queef Anthem, Finger in the Butt, Morning Wood and Ballad of the Tinderman. There is no innuendo here, to be blunt. “What many seem to appreciate about The Dirrty Show is the fact that they unapologetically throw the hardest-to-stomach aspects of sex in peoples faces, and through humour make it (at least somewhat) digestible.” – ‘Lure of the Lewd’ by Trevor Nichols, The Jasper Fitzhugh

The Dirrty Show wants to “f*ck you till you cream” and with that attitude the duo’s live performance synergy explodes with inappropriate banter, hilarious comedic spin on sexuality, ridiculous faces and alluring dance moves. Since 2011 they have rocked some of the top Comedy stages in Canada (Toronto Yuk Yuk’s Nubian Show, Edmonton Comedy Festival) and Australia (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Comic’s Lounge) and more festivals and music venues than they can count on their ladyfingers.

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